A New Prime Number

A new prime number has been found!

And it has almost 25 million digits…. Prime numbers are those special numbers whose only divisors are themselves and 1. They are not only mathematically fascinating but today also highly significant and indispensable in cryptography and thus all matters of banking and finance, online transactions and even crypto-currencies: any encryption uses the multiplication of 2 prime numbers, even though the primes used are much smaller than the newly found number of 2^82.589.933 -1.

More importantly, however, there is that vibrational aspect of prime numbers. A number, in essence, is an oscillation, a frequency, a repetition, a feedback coupling with its constituent (prime) factors. A Prime number, therefore, is a completely UNIQUE oscillation that has no resonance with anything that has gone on before it along the number line.

It’s like finding a singularity, something that is totally NEW in the (number) universe. Of course, one may argue that this prime number has always existed and was only observed by humans now. But in terms of our human (consciousness) horizon this number constitutes a new oscillation/frequency never before experienced… A fascinating thought.

Read a valuable article about the discovery here.

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